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Dignified Cremation & Burial -

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PERSONALIZED GUARANTEE - We feel so strongly about our personal services & modest pricing, we feel confident the initial cost presented to you is guaranteed to be the most affordable in the area. If not, we will make it that way.

CREMATION - If your interest is cremation, Our cremation services come in a variety of affordable packages starting with a direct cremation.

Review your package options by clicking the "Cremation" link below.

~ Cremation ~
~ $645 ~

A direct cremation consists of the following;

~ A share of the overhead cost ~
~ Transportation to the funeral home (25 Miles) ~
~ Cardboard Cremation Container (<250lbs) ~
~ Up to five days of refrigeration ~
~ Pima County cremation permit & fees ~
~ Filing of the death certificate & notification of Social Security ~
~ Transport to the crematory ~
 ~ The cremation process  ~
~ Temporary plastic container ~

SIMPLE PROFESSIONALISM - Your savings does not have to sacrifice in proficiency, quality and respect. You see, we are just like you and eager to serve and care for you and your family during your most dificult time. We are here for you, to care for you!

~ We Do Home Visitations ~

AFFORDABLE, THOUGHTFUL AND COURTEOUS - Corporate indifference and overpayment does not necessarily mean you get better service, your just being overcharged elsewhere to fill a corporate executives pockets. We can provide the same services in a humble, comforting, at home setting. All this at a much more affordable price and by a service oriented staff that truly does care about you, and your loss... Your loss, not our profit.

Family ~ Veteran U.S.M.C. ~ Hispanic 
Owned & Operated

A FULL SERVICE, LICENSED & TRUSTED FUNERAL HOME - We serve as the "most affordable" funeral home in Tucson. We are fluent in Spanish. (hablamos español) We bring many years of experience (over 40) and have a very strict code of morals, ethics and values. We provide services assisting in any faiths, customs and tradition. Our bilingual staff will do everything within our means to accommodate your service needs and family's traditions. It is our community responsibility to care for you at your time of need. The owner, Miguel Legaspi is a retired United States Marine. His family originates from Mezquital del Oro, Zacatecas and Chihuahua, Chihuahua de los Estados Unidos de Mexico.

~ Attributes ~

  • NO CORPORATE affiliation......, NONE!
  • Proud member of the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
  • Licensed under the "Arizona State Board of Funeral Directors & Embalmers"
  • Member of the "Better Business Bureau" with an "A" rating
  • 40+ combined years as a funeral service provider with an unblemished record
  • We use an independent family owned crematory with a perfect record
  • MOST INFORMATIVE funeral service website in all of Tucson, Guaranteed!


SERVICE ORIENTED - With dedication, decency, compassion and grace, we reach out to serve you and all of Tucson. We are centraly located 1/2 mile west of I-10 on St. Mary's rd. With us, financial options and service with dignity are a necessity, but so is affordability. Yes, affordability!

FAMILY & COMMUNITY ORIENTED - We don't claim to just serve the local community, we are also proud members of this community. We have a very good understanding of your family, our culture, its diversity and traditions. At Avenidas Cremation & Burial, we are proud to be part of and grow with our community.

OUR COMMUNITY POLICY - It is our policy, in cases of family financial hardship, that we will provide minimum services for burial to include a minimum casket or minimum services for a direct cremation, at whatever price designated by us as affordable to the family, yet not exceeding those charges on our General Price List.

Miguel Legaspi,Owner                                              

 What we can do for you:

  • Cremation Services
  • Burial Services
  • Memorial Services
  • Cremation - Burial at Sea Services
  • Caskets & Urns
  • Burial Vaults & Cemetery Markers
  • Pre-Need Funeral Arrangements/Insurance
  • Domestic and International Mortuary Transfers
  • Traslados a Mexico/Shipping to Mexico
  • Specializing in Transfers to the Philippine Islands

Take a video tour of our chapel


Our GENERAL PRICE LIST as of June 17th, 2014

1376 W. St. Mary's Rd.
Tucson, AZ 85745
Phone: 520-305-4740

Our Disclaimer

*Price Comparison Disclaimer - All comparative service charges were taken from the most recent competitor's price list(s) available, Avenidas Cremation & Burial reserves the right to honor or refuse any service prices presented to us for comparison. Price comparisons do not include merchandise.